Projekt SAD (The ORCHARD project)

Translucent tulle and netting 300/140 cm, ink/gouache 2017-2019

Displaced Lemkos village, The Low Beskid

I made imprints of wild fruit trees that were left behind in uprooted Lemkos villages.  Semi-transparent materials, when juxtaposed, create the illusion of trees.  The spatial installation is comprised of large-format prints - in memory of a homestead orchard.  The suspended materials hardly touch the ground; the trees have no roots.  Movement brings them back to life. 

Projekt SAD - The ORCHARD roots project 

Board, 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.5 meters  2018 - 2019

Displaced Lemkos Village, Regietów Górny, The Low Beskids

The installation results from operations carried out in the displaced Lemkos village of Regietów Górny.  I unearthed, documented and reburied the root system of a dying fruit tree - a plum.  It grew on the site of what was once a farm, and was part of a household's orchard.  The roots and netting presented are a re-creation and interpretation of discovery, in a changing landscape.

No Man's Land

Ink/acrylic paint/gouache/paper, 21/30 cm, 60 copies, 2016

Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada


Working with members of the Sioux tribe in the Okanagan Valley, I created 60 prints of trees, which were illegally cut down on tribal land.  Each of the horizontal rows was taken from a single tree, and subsequent prints were made using diminishing amounts of ink.

Dni Świąteczne - Holidays

Performance, 35 min. 2011 

Dłużewo, Poland

A tractor with balloons attached drove around the fields in Dłużewo, a village in Masovia, Poland. After the performance, the owner of the tractor returned to his work in a slurry, grinding the balloons and throwing the colorful bits around the field. I juxtaposed and compared two realities: that of holidays and that of everyday life. During the performance, work time and celebration time ran together.