Projekt SAD - The ORCHARD roots project 

Board, 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.5 meters  2018 - 2019

Displaced Lemkos Village, Regietów Górny, The Low Beskids

The installation results from operations carried out in the displaced Lemkos village of Regietów Górny.  I unearthed, documented and reburied the root system of a dying fruit tree - a plum.  It grew on the site of what was once a farm, and was part of a household's orchard.  The roots and netting presented are a re-creation and interpretation of discovery, in a changing landscape.

71 years have passed since the post-war 'Wisła' campaign ousted local people, uprooting them from their homesteads and brutally moving them to Poland's new, Recovered Territories. The last of those who remember those tragic events are dying.  The landscape has irreversibly changed, grown, and gone wild.  A discerning and conscious viewer can still see signs of human presence:  among them are the wild apples, pears and plums growing near crumbled foundations.  My interest reaches into the heart of what remains invisible to those who are looking at Beskid landscapes.  It reaches deep into the roots, to read their paths and record the remains that have not yet decayed and to listen to the testament of a voiceless witness.