Projekt SAD (The ORCHARD project)

Translucent tulle and netting 300/140 cm, ink/gouache 2017-2019

Displaced Lemkos village, The Low Beskid

I made imprints of wild fruit trees that were left behind in uprooted Lemkos villages.  Semi-transparent materials, when juxtaposed, create the illusion of trees.  The spatial installation is comprised of large-format prints - in memory of a homestead orchard.  The suspended materials hardly touch the ground; the trees have no roots.  Movement brings them back to life. 

The semitransparent materials and netting, as well as airy tulle, take on life in a breeze or in the presence of a person's movements:  they tremble and wave, pull away from the ground, and fall back again.  They are ephemeral and fleeting.

In recent years, I have visited the valley of the village Szklary in the Low Beskids several times to document the changing landscape and the history of the displacement of the Lemkos people.

The large-format prints were created through frottage, by applying paint to tree trunks and taking unique prints on the material, I captured the unrepeatable form of each fruit tree.  Having physical contact with the tree bark - touching the material of a living thing and creating a printed record, without harming it or needlessly interfering with it - was of great importance to me.