The Holiday Series

2014 - .

The series is comprised of paintings presenting religious and secular celebrations, which inspire me as sociological phenomena.  The human form, juxtaposed with landscapes, takes on a leading role in the series.

The series results from observations on what remains after celebrations -- peoples' emotions and changes in the landscape just after the big day, or a significant moment.

Every year, we regularly observe similar behaviors among people:  there are changes to the decorations in cities and the colors in churches; one feels growing tension and new expectations associated with new sights and scents. 

Every holiday, whether established by the State, the church or folk tradition, is fleeting:  it occurs, passes, returns....  When I create a painting in this series, it allows me to focus on each holiday, observe and catch moments, and study others' emotions while truly feeling the joy of an extraordinary day. 

The initial impulse behind the Holiday series came from childhood memories of colorful, wilted flowers covering the city streets.  It led to the idea for Procesje Bożego Ciała (Corpus Cristi Procession).