Plein air paintings from Canada and Alaska 2018 have arrived at the studio in Podkowa Leśna

From June to September, 2018, I had the opportunity to record raw northern landscapes on  canvas, over the 20,000 kilometers from Vancouver through the Yukon. We drove through the Northwest Territories in Alaska in a vehicle which we transformed into a painting studio.  While working in plein air, I gave myself over to creating the landscapes and the stories that I felt were the most unique to the wild north.

Three months of searching in plein air and analysis of a landscape I had never known before resulted in a dozen or so works, which finally reached Poland at the end of last year, after nearly two months of ship travel. While we were travelling, our car became our temporary living quarters and a painting studio.  It was also a dependable way to get around.  There was a box for canvases attached to the roof, which also served as a painting area that was safe from bears.  That place became my favorite workspace, containing the essence of what we were looking for in the north - absolute peace, and a broader perspective. 

In taking a creative journey to North America, I was led by the idea of searching for a synthesis in the landscapes, and finding the essence of the area.  It was a challenge to find spaces for plein air work and choose the most inspiring fragments of that reality.  Canadian landscapes are very picturesque and I found myself needing to dip my brush into them even more.  I bypassed the Rocky Mountains, glaciers, rain forests, colorful houses in abandoned gold-rush towns, or waterfalls.  I searched instead for what is deeply rooted in me, and moves my senses - reflections in the surface of a lake, mists, bogs, clusters of trees and their unrepeatable shapes - and in these I looked for stories.