Misia Łukasiewicz born in 1989 in Warsaw, Poland.  While primarily sculpting and painting, my work also includes installations, graphics and performances.  I strongly identify with the Polish landscape and cultural traditions in Central and Eastern Europe.  I ask myself and others what the meaning of 'homeland' is, and explore human connections with space.

The landscape is always a key point of departure in my artistic activities, as are observations of cultures that I encounter.  I seek out places and communities that have moving stories that are worth exploring more deeply.  I observe them, question them, and interact with them; I look for variety in cultures, in order to find contrasts and identify areas that are new to me.

I received my MFA in Academy of Fine Arts of Warsaw in 2019 and a BFA in Art History at the University of Warsaw in 2012.

In 2017, I realized the "50 Acres" project in cooperation with local farmers from the Canewater Farm, in the town of Darein, Georgia, USA.  The project was made possible by a scholarship from Ansley Rivers, as part of a Thicket Residency. In 2016, during a stipend at the Caetani Center I worked with native Syilx people. The project, titled “Landscape Heritage”, took place in the Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada.

In addition to carrying out social projects and travelling, my greatest passion remains painting. I always returns to Masovia, and my family homeland, which still inspires and fascinates me, especially during the winter. My paintings are created in plain air, in contact with nature, in accordance with old traditions of landscape painting. 

My work has been invited to group exhibitions, such as "Interventions" in Museum Riso, Palermo, Italy, “Landscape Heritage” Vernon, BC, Canada, “Wedding” Propaganda Gallery, Warsaw, Poland and exhibition of young Polish artist in European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.